Our Products

Actsoup Network is a startup company dedicated to using technology to bring innovation to the performing arts.

Theatre Student Network

Our first product release is Theatre Student Network. Performers are posting videos of themselves online and becoming “viral” every day. Casting auditions are being held via webcam for everything from television to Broadway. As a college performance department, you want to stay on the cutting edge of the performing arts and offer your students the chance they deserve to make it big, but how can you do that without hiring an extremely expensive internet technology department? Theatre Student Network is the solution.

Theatre Student Network wants to be the website that agents, managers, scouts, casting directors and everyone else in the industry uses to find the talent of tomorrow. By recruiting college theatre majors who have gone through an audition process to be accepted to their program, we're weeding out the "wannabes", saving industry professionals time, money, and headaches!

Wannabes and Stars to Be

Along with the release of Theatre Student Network we are launching a companion blog, Wannabes and Stars to Be. Wannabes and Stars to Be will document the progress of Theatre Student Network, while giving a lighthearted look behind the scenes at what makes Theatre Student Network a success. Besides showing off the talent of the performers found on Theatre Student Network, we're giving site visitors who can't sing (or those who want to pretend they can't) a chance to show off their "wannabe" skills. Through sometimes comedic, sometimes horrific, but always "wannabe" style performances, we're documenting why Theatre Student Network was created in the first place.

The Company

Actsoup Networks is an Orlando, Florida based Sole Proprietorship imagined in April of 2008.

Keith Newhouse (Founder and CEO)- Keith has been the owner of his own web design home business since the mid 90’s with clients including the Long Island Childrens’ Bookwriters and Illustrators, A New Low (Staten Island underground band), Earthkids Publishing Company, and various authors illustrators and performers. Keith is an Instructional Systems Designer for General Dynamics Information Technology, and formerly designed online courses for the University of Florida Center for Instructional Technology and Training. He has a background in Educational Technology and Musical Theatre.

(More Employees as Added)